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Aluminium Rowing Shell Series

Mackay is offering new options to the Row / Shell Trailer marketplace with its lightweight Aluminium Trailer. Established nearly forty years ago, Mackay Multi-Link is a highly regarded manufacturer of boat, and other custom Trailers. Mackay has produced an innovative design concept to maximise the benfits of the aluminium trailer’s structure i.e. lightweight, corrosion resistance, aesthetics; while retaining strength, rigidity and practicality. Where Aluminium is not used, Mackay uses galvanised Steel axles, springs, hubs, U-bolts and fasteners – to maximise resistance against corrosion. With most clubs storing their trailers outdoors, having a ‘corrosion proof’ investment saves time and $ on maintenance and can last forever. The Mackay Aluminium Shell trailer provides major benefits:

  • Lighter than steel trailers, yet ultra strong.
  • Corrosion proof / and easy to maintain.
  • Brilliant Aesthetics.
  • Easily Adjustable axle positions – if centre of gravity needs to be changed – for improved towing dynamics.
  • Low to the ground for better towing.
  • Many other features including.
  1. Removable internal barriers.
  2. Removable extendable racks.
  3. Wrap around “C-Channel" rubber on racks so no chance of damaging the shells.
  4. Self draining floor / no no build up of water.
  5. Tie downs.
  6. Options for high level steps and other oar holder designs.
  7. Lockable storage box.
  • Single and Tandem axles options available.
  • Cost effective.
  • A lifetime investment.

The trailer allows towing of more sculls with (possibly) a smaller vehicle – given the weight benefits of the trailer; and also is easier to maintain.



GVM kg




Capacity (approx)






Mech or Hyd

4 Eights, 1 Quad






Mech or Hyd

4 Eights, 4 Quads






Mech or Hyd

5 Eights, 2 Quads







6 Eights, 4 Quads

Note: Trailer designs are configured to ensure customer requirements are met, whilst adhering to design regulations, particularly, GVM, tow vehicle, length and overhang constraits. *Trailer lengths may vary – as per specific requirements, as well as capacity capability.   Mackay ALR Rowing Scull Trailer Specifications

Frame, Racking, Floor and Mesh Walls

  • Aluminium Structural Alloys with two year structural warranty
  • Aluminium Checkerplate floor
  • Galvanized steel springs, axles, disk hubs
  • Large side steps for loading shells
  • Multiple tie down points (end of racks etc)
  • Removable racks (optional)
  • Removeable barriers – for storage in different compartments (optional)

Wheels, Mudguards & Suspension

  • Galvanised steel or white wheels as standard
  • White plastic guards as standard – galvanized steel guards as an option
  • New first quality light truck tyres with manufacturers warranty
  • Single axle heavy duty – includes heavier axle, heavier springs and upgraded bearings
  • Marine grease seals – prevents water entering the bearings
  • Spare wheel and bracket is an optional extra


  • Bearing buddies with covers
  • Swing Jockey wheel
  • LED lights and LED clearance lights (LED Autolamps – 5 year warranty)
  • Weld – on Lock-up Aluminium Checkerplate storage box

Scull Support and Functionality

  • Solid and rigid aluminium racking using 50x50x4mm Aluminium RHS
  • Thick wrap around “U-Channel" rubber to protect sculls
  • Multiple tie down points


  • Mechanical override Disc brakes, or Hydraulic override brakes under 2,000 kgs GVM
  • Over 2,000kgs GVM – Electric brakes or Electric over Hydraulic Disc Brakes with manual handbrake is an optional extra

Optional Extras

  • Alloy wheels
  • Spare Wheel and tyre bolted to front of trailer (as well as ‘ready to go’ rescue wheel)
  • Optional – removable racks
  • High level steps for loading shells
  • Various braking systems including electric, mechanical, hydraulic or electric over hydraulic
  • Various systems for oar storage