Below is the breakdown of the new Mackay Multi-link trailer model code.

Make & Model

ML Mini-Link Series
A Advantage Series
MLKR Multi-Link (Keel Roller) Series
MLH Off the Beach Catamaran
MLL Off the Beach Dinghy Trailer
PN Pontoon Series
WV Jetskis / Watervehicles
Y Trailer Sailor / Yacht Trailers
SK Ski Sport Trailer
SF Sports Fishing Trailer
KR Mackay Keel Roller
PU Mackay Multi Roller
PC Power Cat Series
PCAL Power Cat Aluminium
AL Aluminium Trailer

Size of Trailer

The size of the trailer is based on the size of the boat. For the full range of trailers please see inside the Range Brochure or Pricelist. Trailer selection should be confirmed with Mackay or your Boat Dealer.