Sizing Up Your Trailer

Follow the following steps to select the right trailer model for MLKR, KR and PU models. Seek assistance from your Dealer or Mackay for other models or any special requirements.

Step 1 – Measure your boat. Obtain the measurements for “A” and “B”. (from above)

Step 2 – Establish the trailer style you require; based on your requirements and budget. Trailer details can be found in the catalogue.

Step 3 – Select the right trailer size / model. Match your “A”, then your “B” measurements to the trailer that best fits your requirements. Ideally, the ‘right’ trailer will be the one which gives you some flexibility to move your winch post slightly forwards or backwards.

Step 4 – Establish the GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of your rig (including trailer, boat , motor, fuel etc and match this requirement to the load (kg) below) to establish the trailer configuration you require; i.e. ether you require a single axle, tandem or tri-axle trailer; and what wheel size, braking system, coupling and suspension you require.

Please note that technical specifications are subject to change without notice. Br – Brakes; M – Mechanical Brakes, HB – Hydraulic Break -away Brakes,
HD – Heavy Duty Load Share (including 50mm axle, Land cruiser hubs etc)., EHD – Extra Heavy Duty, C – coupling, LS – Load Share