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Want a lighter trailer, and less maintenance ? Think Mackay’s Aluminium Boat Trailer Range

Four years down the track, Mackay’s Fully Welded Aluminium Boat Trailer is not only proven, but offers massive advantages over traditional galvanized steel trailers. Strong, light, safe, easy to use and maintain – Mackay’s Aluminium trailer is also great value for money.

“The aluminum trailer was developed due to the trend for people wanting bigger, more optioned-up boats” comments Kevin Nestadt of Mackay Multi-Link, “The bigger the boat, and the more options included, the heavier the overall load, thus the bigger the vehicle required to tow it. “As the government gets tougher on towing regulations, every kilo counts, which is why we developed this durable, yet light-weight trailer”.

“The demand for our new line of aluminum trailers is mainly in the top-end of boats, from 6.5m upwards, but is available in all sizes. The high strength-weight ratio of our aluminum trailers, allows you to safely tow a 7m cruiser behind a traditional 4WD, thus avoiding costly upgrades to vehicles”. Kevin adds, “this weight saving is between 20-25% across the board, which is a substantial difference in the upgrade of a new vehicle to be used purely for towing”.

“Our trailers are light and low to the ground, with excellent towing characteristics. Then there are the maintenance benefits, with many customers seeing ‘aluminium’ as a lifetime investment”.

Mackay Multi Link has been manufacturing trailers for the past 35 years. Australian owned and operated, the company is well regarded for its innovative custom design process and user-friendly features, such as precise guide-on systems, low ride axles, mesh walkways, but mostly strength and quality of build.

“Sure there are cheaper trailers on the market, but they simply do not offer the same performance benefits. Boating should be a pleasurable experience, yet all too often I see days on the water ruined by badly rigged trailers and severe hull damage caused due to poor trailer design.

“Aluminium offers better weather protection too, due to its robust qualities against wear and tear, particularly in exposed coastal areas where salt can aggressively corrode traditional trailers” says Kevin.