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What Bearings does my Mackay Trailer have?

All Mackay trailers are fitted with Quality Bearings

What size are my bearings?

Bearing size depends on the axle width not the wheel size or stud pattern type - Mackay uses four axle sizes 39mm round, 40mm, 45mm and 50mm. Holden Bearings are fitted to both 39mm round axles and 40mm square axles. Ford Bearings are fitted to 45mm square axles and Land Cruiser bearings are fitted to 50mm Square Axles. For details on bearing numbers see the below chart.

39mm Rnd Axle HOLDEN BEARINGS LM67048/10 LM11949/10
40mm SQ Axle HOLDEN BEARINGS LM67048/10 LM11949/10
45mm SQ Axle FORD BEARINGS L68149/10 LM12749/10
50mm SQ Axle LandCruiser BEARINGS 30210J 15123

How often should I service my trailer?

Mackay recommend your trailer to have a minor service within the first 6 months after purchase followed by a major brake & bearing service every 12 months. This will keep you safe on the road and increase the life of the trailer. Rollers and components reset and checked every 24 months.

Is everything on the trailer Galvanized?

YES. Everything that can be Galvanised is- Including Axles, hubs, springs, u-bolts, nuts, washers etc…. are all galvanized

What stud pattern are my Mackay wheels?

Wheel Size Stud Pattern
10” HT Holden
13” Galv HT Holden Pre March 2009 / Ford Post March 2009
13" White Alloy HT Holden
13" Polished Alloy Ford
14” Ford
14” HD Land Cruiser
15” HD Land Cruiser

Can I convert my single axle trailer to tandem axle?

YES. Tandems can be converted from 5000 models upwards. Price is dependent on trailer model and condition on re-usable parts.

What is the white powdery substance on my trailer?

White Rust. The condition of the galvanised finish is governed by the environment in which the trailer is maintained and stored. Deterioration of the galvanizing (and the formation of ‘white rust’) is accelerated in areas of high humidity, poor ventilated storage, high salinity or poor water levels. See the following article for a detailed explanation.

Do you build trailers for Yachts / trailer sailors?

YES. Mackay’s Y-Series trailer range is designed for Yachts and trailer sailors.

Where can I find the Vin / Serial number and what is the GVM?

Every Mackay trailer has a compliance plate fitted. The plate is located where the A-frame meets the drawbar on the driver’s side. GVM stands for Gross Vehicle Mass. This is the combined towing capacity of Boat, Motor and Trailer.

How much weight should there be on my towball?

The correct weight should be between 5% to 10% of the overall GVM capacity. Example – Trailer with 1999kg GVM. Towball weight 99kg to 199kg. Having the wrong towball weight will effect the performance when being towed at >60 kph