Hydrastar Brakes: For Trailers Over 2000kg In Australia, 2500kg In New Zealandf
What’s stopping your trailer? With Mackay’s new 1200psi HYDRASTAR Trailer Brake ActuatorStep up to the next generation of hydraulic trailer brake actuators with the Hydrastar trailer mounted actuator. Unlike mechanical override brakes, the output from the Hydrastar actuator is adjustable from the driver’s seat with electronic in-car controller to adjust the Hydrastar’s output.

Newly Updated 1200 PSI Hydrastar Actuator Offers

  • Faster response for reduced stopping distance
  • Simplified wiring – only 4 wires
  • Draws power only when brakes are applied – no need for accessory switch Compare these Hydrastar Advantages.
  • Sealed unit
  • Does not exceed tow vehicle manufacturers’ wiring amp rating
  • Unit mounted bleeder fitting simplifies brake bleeding
  • Works from brake controller in-car. Inexpensive to fit

Vastly Superior to Override Brakes

  • Eliminates the feel of being pushed by trailer, problems with backing a trailer uphill and brake drag
  • Easily replaces override brakes on trailer

Superior to Override Brakes and Easy to Install

  • Easily replaces override, air/hydraulic and vacuum/hydraulic systems. To install, simply mount the Hydrastar to the trailer and attach the hydraulic line
  • Only 4 wires to connect, 3 wires go to the tow vehicle receptacle, the fourth goes to the breakaway switch
  • Unit mounted bleeder makes bleeding the brake lines easier
  • Includes detailed instruction manual

Note that the tow vehicle must be equipped with an industry standard electronic brake controller.

Easy to Operate

  • Engages trailer brakes when tow vehicle brake pedal is applied or when the in-car controller override is activated

Mackay Part Numbers:

  • H3040 – Hydrastar Braking System (Boxed)

Hydrastar Brochure for more information.