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Trailer Maintenance




“After a tentative start to Summer, that perfect boating day appears on the horizon. Every last minute on the water will be precious.  No time to waste. Bags are packed, fishing gear ready, everyone excited, lets go!!”



But then …. at the last minute…. Trailer problems…..??


In this brief article, Mackay Trailers highlights how, with 30 years of experience, they have designed boat trailers that design out many of the maintenance problems that plague boaties.


Bearing noise and wear– bearings are usually the first to go, particularly with regular submerging in water and irregular maintenance. Mackay maximizes bearing life by providing bearing buddies as standard, a superior grease, and two piece waterproof grease seals on all trailers. This should not however substitute for regular maintenance.


Electrical faults- there is nothing worse than lights that don’t work, and then trying to establish where the fault is. Mackay bullet proofs its electricals by – soldering all joints and shrink-sealing them; – threading all wires through thick PVC tubing for extra protection

providing LED trailer plugs to quickly identify where the fault is

Sticky brakes & rusty running gear: Mackay supply trailers with fully galvanized hubs as well as axles,  springs, jockey wheels, U-Bolts and fasteners. Quality hubs and brake fittings will ensure that  brakes won’t stick when the trailer is taken out of the shed. Brake cables still need to be adjusted to ensure correct positioning & tension when the boat is on.


Other Mackay quality components that will give Boaties confidence include stainless steel roller pins (won’t rust), highest quality polyurethane keel rollers (protects the boat), first quality light truck tyres (will carry the load), Australian Standard accredited safety chains and a great aftermarket service that goes the extra mile.


With 30 years of experience, Mackay Trailers can provide you with the expertise to select the right trailers for every application.