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Guide-on Systems

All Mackay trailers have a guide-on system fitted to help retrieve the boat. Designs however vary with different type and size of trailer. This is a result of various types of boats that each trailer is custom built for.

Multi roller trailers do not have any specific guides physically as there are no keel rollers to guide onto. On this type of trailer it is important that the wobble rollers are positioned close to the strakes of the boat which aid as a guide for the boat. Keel roller trailers need some form of guide to steer the boat to the first keel roller.

The shape and design varies but they are all designed for the same purpose. The most important thing to remember about any guide-on system is that it cannot work if your trailer is too deep in the water, thus preventing your guide-on system from working effectively.

KR integral guide-on system

PU guide-on system

MLKR integral guide-on system

Aluminium integral guide-on system

Advantage guide-on system

Powercat guide-on system