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What the Boat Dealer forgot to tell you about the trailer…..


With tough competition in a crowded market, its easy to understand why Boat Dealers sometimes forget to tell new boat buyers crucial things about trailers

Often to meet a package price point, trailers are underspecified, and inappropriately matched to the customer’s boat, vehicle or application. Trailers must provide absolute safety on the road, comply with regulations, as well as make for a fun boating experience. They also need to go the distance in harsh conditions over a long period of time. Of course, despite everyone’s efforts, sometimes things go wrong.


Key questions that the boat buyer should ask include:


What is the intended use of the boat and trailer?


Will it spend a majority of the time at the holiday house only a few kilometers from the water? Or will it frequently travel long distances ? Will the boat be heavily loaded with holiday gear, or will it be empty? This is the key to happy boating and trailering, so be honest with yourself.


What is the gross weight of the of the boat & trailer rig?


The majority of people underestimate the maximum gross load, and this often leads to the purchase of the wrong trailer. Factors must include the boat dry weight, motor/s, fuel and water, boat accessories such as anchor, safety equipment etc; as well as the tare weight of the trailer weights itself , not to mention any additional items. The total estimated gross weight of these items all added up need to be less than the GVM stamped on the trailer’s compliance plate.

Other key questions relate to tyres (what speed are they rated to?), jockey wheels, hubs, springs & U-bolts (are they galvanized ?), does the trailer have sufficient rollers to support the boat, and are electrical connections soldered and heat shrunk ? Has the seller been in business for long? Do they offer Australia wide support- Mackay have branches in most states. Is the trailer Australian made?
With over 40 years of experience, Mackay Trailers can provide you with the expertise to select the right trailers for every application.